Welcome to the Stabilo Interieurbouw BV website. We are an overall supplier in the field of interior decoration. You may request our services for interior decoration projects of both a business and a private nature. We think along with you and together we will achieve the result you wish in the field of interior decoration.

Our years of experience and extensive machinery enable us to transform the most complex projects into fully feasible plans, also for serial production. For instance if you wish to furnish a number of rooms in an office building, we are the right party to turn to.

Please take a look at our portfolio to get an idea of some of the projects Stabilo Interieurbouw has realized.

You may always contact us, we look forward to your assignment!

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The company

Stabilo Interieurbouw BV was founded by Bert Bolder and Harry van der Hoorn in early 2010. Bert Bolder successfully ran an interior decoration company, ‘Bolder interieurbouw’

From Breugel for 15 years, which for a long time was a major producer of the custom-made works for Stabilo International BV. Actually, Bolder interieurbouw was the first supplier of custom-made interior decoration for trade fairs and booths.

Because of this long period of collaboration the companies decided to start working together as Stabilo Interieurbouw. The skilled personnel and machinery were moved from Breugel to a large new building in Eindhoven, right next to the Stabilo International building, making it easy to link up together.

Besides supplying Stabilo International with custom-made products, Stabilo Interieurbouw also produces custom-made interiors, kitchens, bathrooms and furniture for companies, designers and private parties. You can find more information on this on the following pages.


Stabilo Interieurbouw does a lot of business in the corporate market, such as the production of counters, wall units, waiting rooms and office spaces. We provide top-end, sustainable products using only quality materials.

Stabilo Interieurbouw is active in the following sectors: Government, Health Care, Shops, Offices, Hotel and catering industry, Education, Fashion and Jewellery.
With our extensive machinery we are able to work swiftly and efficiently, which makes large-scale serial production and short-term delivery possible.

We often produce complex and exclusive interiors on order from designers and architects. The history of Stabilo Interieurbouw stems from a non-mechanized era, which means that the knowledge of traditional handiwork is still present. We can seamlessly switch between mechanized and traditional interior decorating.

Please contact us for information or a price quotation.

Private sector

We can provide any piece of furniture, we have extensive experience in manufacturing furniture for private parties and we can sense our customers’ wishes. We will complement your ideas with our technical knowledge and provide top-end, sustainable products using only quality materials.

We like to think along with you, but obviously you may also deliver drawings to us via an architect or designer.

Below are a number of items that Stabilo Interieurbouw provides: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Walk-in closets, Home furniture, Audio system furniture.
We can also provide more exlusive furniture. We will gladly think along with you! You can view our portfolio for a small selection of our work.

Please contact us for information or a price quotation.